Fatty’s birthday

Happy Birthday Fatty!


Anyone who knows me already knows that who I am referring to. So, it was my best-friend, Fizzah Seep’s birthday yesterday and we decided to surprise her by a summer yacht party with some slams dedicating to her, live band and obviously the formality of cake cutting.

Slams! I am not a poetry person; they always fly over my head without even halting for a moment. So what can be a better effort than doing something you don’t even understand to make someone feel special.
Something none of us have ever imagined to do before. It was a difficult task to persuade everyone and then actually come up with that thing called ‘poetry’.

We knew it was a lost cause but many of us managed to come up with some real masterpieces (we’d like to call them that) from which few are below.

One of my die hard SRK fan came up with some Jab Tak Hai Jan notes,


Teri Double meaning baton  ki wo namkeen mastiyan,
Tere hansne ki wo beparwah Ghustakhiyan,
Tera ICMAP ki building me wo lehrana,
Nahi bhoolnga me JAB TAK HAI JAN.
Dosti rkhounga me JAB TAK HAI JAN.
Hmara wo sath me Uni ka khwaab dekhne se,
Hum sb ka roza torr k safari park jane se,
Choti choti teri bachkaani badmashiyon se,
Tera meri khoii hui mohabbt dhunde se,
Mohabbat krounga me JAB TAK HAI JAN.
Dosti rkhounga me JAB TAK HAI JAN.. ♡

-Bunny (Rao Shahwaiz)

And our rotu and sweet heart came up with this,18491617_613316992206739_1614752307539231581_o

Hum tou bethy thy mazaar-e-ghum per,
Teri nighaoon ky muntazir,

Tune thama hum ko kuch is tarah,
K duniya se latalooq hogae,

Tanhai , beroozgari aur bebasi se bhari thi ye zindagi ,

Tu ne akar tanhai mita di,
Aur roozgar k mawaqy dye

– Guddu (Ruba Adam)

18527652_1556889067664152_1216909223352938959_nThen thanks to overly talented Misri Band members we had an amazing experience of our private concert. What can be better than being at the middle of the sea with your beloveds enjoying the music of your choice? Oh nothing. They are so good by the way. Check out the some video clips at https://goo.gl/a46F3f



Because it was my bff’s birthday and my new found 18423758_1556889077664151_3999505073456013751_ncraze of baking, I was obliged to bake her birthday cake. I am not a pro but every effort counts, no? This was my first two tier cake chocolate cake and people loved it.


Birthdays are trendy, I know but for us it is more of a day dedicated to make someone feel happy and  hopefully we managed to do that. 

Some more beautiful pictures of the excitement captured by our lovely photographer RSK (Rabia Saleem Khan) are below. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Feel free to share our birthday craze story and share yours.

This is the blog post you needed Gappu!


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