Imperfect Perfection

Perfection is known to be unknown in this world.

No one is said to be perfect and the people seeking perfection are said to be fooling themselves. Despite of all these very true facts, I am aware of few people who claims to have found their perfections and I could not resist to assemble their beautiful comments for you.

-‘He is perfect even when you think he is not. In this world jam-packed with imperfections, I’ve found a certain kind of perfection which was never available in any one else. He is even weird in a perfect kind of way. It is extremely difficult to explain this but I have managed to find perfection even in all the troubles he gets himself into. It’s not about the traits actually, it is more about the person himself. I have loved him so much that even his imperfections are perfection to me. No one in this world can be more perfect than he is and I can assure you that someday you’ll find your imperfect perfection and understand my point’

-‘Obviously! She is the mother of my kids, how can she not be perfect? Joking though. Even if I totally ignore the blessings I have attained because of her, I find her perfect. I remember looking at her for the first time, she was carelessly beautifully. You know the way a girl does not put any efforts to look great and still manages to steal everyone’s attention? She was that kind. Extremely conscious about herself but still never bothering to do a shit to get over it. She has this habit to smile broadly at every person she encounters, which is just perfectly perfect about her. I know my luck has worked good time that I have such a perfect woman in my life.’

-‘There is nothing about him that you can complain about. He has always been this way and I believe that if he’ll change himself than I’ll find that to be imperfect. He is the best thing that could happen to anyone. He is crazy and cute at the same time and I can honestly look at him my whole life and never get bored. From my lifeline to my mentor, he has been there always. He is perfect, may be not for everyone but for me he is the most perfect person alive.’

If you have any such beautiful perfection in your life, do share your story with us. We will love to add your perfect story in our article.
Thank you.



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