New Year, New Me.

I know I am a bit late for this but a busy schedule can always be a nice excuse for late-posts.
With the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, here is a questionnaire answered by me,

  1. How was your 2016?
    My 2016 started as one of the most memorable year of my life. Had an amazing birthday party and planned many as well. Many inadvertent things accelerated along including getting employed to creating a friendly partnership. I even started publishing my blogs this year. These are the achievements which were unexpected even at the beginning of 2K16. Allhamdulillah.
    However, there were many emotional setbacks too. Many of my closest friends are no longer close to me whereas some people who are really important to me also left the page. Life is not always the way we want it to be. Sometime we just have to cope with the unwanted things as well for the betterment.


  1. Lesson learned from 2016?
  • You don’t really know people. You think you know them but you don’t. You only know the part they are showing you and no one really shows their real selves. It takes a lot of time and efforts to actually know someone. So stop pretending.
  • Your heart never wins the fight on its own, your mind somewhere allows it to win.
  • You can never stop the time but you can keep the memories safe in your minds if you want to.


  1. Your best memory?
    We arrived at the beach, I stepped on the rock to have a clear look at the beach and surprise. Everyone I love so much were there. Waving at me. Shouting. That was my surprise birthday party. I hate my pictures from that day tho. 😀
  2. Your worst memory?
    Realization that I can’t change everything that I want to. There are things that we want from so much but there is no way, no effort, nothing that could help you to attain them. All you can do is pray but I can’t even pray for that.
  3. Your new year’s resolution?
    Erm erm. Every year I plan to lose weight. I’ve managed to gain that though 😀 well this year hopefully I’ll start my articles and lose weight ‘surely’
  4. What are you expecting from 2017?
    I am just praying for it to be better in everyone’s favor.
  5. Rate this year out of 10.
    My 2016 was 6.
    Mainly because of lots of parties and plenty life time memories.
  6. Which moment do you want to go back to of 2016?
    I want to go back to May’16 and stop the time there. I’ve lost too much afterwards.

Let me know you answers as well.


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