‘Keep yourself busy and your mind will do the rest’, she was told this by many of the successful implementer of this highly-practiced decree of her generation.

It was further explained as, ‘By staying busy a person doesn’t get time to overthink in result of which they can escape the undesirable thoughts and agony alike’. At first, this theory seemed more than logical to her. It seemed like a cure to all her sorrows and unease from which she was suffering every single day.

With high expectation she opted to implement it as well but just like her luck this was not in favor for her as well. It turned out to be a disappointment when after a hectic day of continuous errands, she laid on her bed wide awake; thinking and suffering. All the darkness she managed to ignore the whole day came haunting her at the worst hour which I may call the unbearable hours of the night. She touched her heart which was beating fast, she could feel the intense pain in her heart which has now become a part of her being.

She knew that the pain was never going to leave so she had decided to live with it but not thinking and eventually reducing the pain was always a better option. She was tired but sleepless.  She wanted to cry but she couldn’t. She wanted to share her deepest secrets with someone but trusting someone that much was never her thing.

Even though the night was silent but her mind and heart were continuously fighting, just like they’ve been doing that for years now.

She had clutched herself with a hope that time will heal everything but that seemed to fade as well. She was still at the very same place, alone where she never actually imagined herself in the brightest past. She was broken and she knew it that there was no way to be mended.

She smiled on her own self accepting the fate and pretending to be brave. She knew her heart was winning all the battles which was resulting in the failure of all her trials to get better and it was somehow her mind that was letting her heart to win endlessly.


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