YOLO – You only live once

Motivator as well as a de-motivator, this line has served many of us to take many great as well as senseless decisions in life. From acting wild to reacting inappropriately in a serious situation, many of us have faced embarrassing situations thinking that this is the only opportunity we have and we may not get a chance again to do so.

Unlike many others I feel frightened whenever I listen anyone saying it. It’s fun to do crazy things because ultimately they result in being one of the superlative memories of our lives but somehow deep inside I think of it as a threat.

Growing up thinking that everything was possible have affected my mind in the best and for my mom in the worst imaginable manner that I want to experience everything which I’ve ever heard about from friends and family or encountered through social media. My dreams have gone from high to higher as I’ve turned from a child into an adult and listening to that one line makes me feel that I lack time so much that I won’t be able to make it to all the damn plans I have. It is a threat to all my dreams and all my intentions which I have hoped for so long to attain one day. It recaps me of the time which is fleeting every moment, the one which I am wasting repeatedly without triumphing any of the dreams which I have been craving to achieve since my childhood. I don’t know that what I’m actually waiting for or maybe my dreams are too far from my reach but being a dreamer makes me disheartened thinking about my life which may end any moment and I won’t be able to experience everything I want to. Crazy, I understand but I guess many of the people around me are on the same boat waiting for a miracle to happen which will make all their dreams come true. But what if it won’t happen and what if we won’t be able to accomplish all our dreams in our life? No one will actually care about it after we have departed and all our dreams will leave with us which I believe is really sad.

We cannot really compete with our destinies but we can make use of our time in trying to achieve our visions instead of passing it day-to-day with the same dull routine and waiting for the weekends to hang out and waste our time even more. At least then, even if we won’t achieve our dreams, we will be left with a satisfaction that we have ‘tried’ with best of our efforts to accomplish them.

Instead of forgetting to step forward in our lives we must make use of every single moment to get closer to whatever we dream because honestly we only live once.


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