Scent Of Past

Have you ever experienced the change of events which occurs because of petty things?

Receiving an unexpected call or by looking at a cute baby, listening a familiar song or some specific thought anything which changes your mind precipitously without any effort at all?


Hoping for it to be a regular Thursday, she entered the room in rush murmuring her to-do list again and again. She came to a sudden halt as she sensed the atmosphere she just entered in.

She noticed the air around her which was filled with the memories of her past. The scent of the overpowering cologne reminded her of someone she was willing to give everything to forget. The one she successfully ignored for the last three years was just standing few steps ahead observing her. The one who taught her to feel, to care, to love and the very same one who later traumatized her heart into pieces. The one she once decided to love during her entire existence but now who she hated the most.
But today her feelings were unexpected. She didn’t feel the unceasing pain or the extreme hatred that she thought will haunt her endlessly. Instead of the darkness she saw the lights, she felt the long departed happiness; the transparency of her feelings and skipping beats of her heart. This was the first time she saw him in person after the happening. The pain which had become a part of her was gone along with the nightmares of her seclusion. Maybe it was because he looked just as adorable as he used to look the first time she saw him smiling at her or maybe the flashbacks she avoided for so long were too beautiful that they incapacitated the hatred.
Even though her outlooks were surprising for her but deep inside she knew that they were more honest than any of the loathing she had hoarded inside her. She wanted to stop her feelings but these painless feelings were too good to conclude. She wanted to stay there forever even when she knew it was impossible.


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