I went to NADRA to get my CNIC today. While waiting in a queue which was no near to end soon. My attention was seized by an elderly lady when I heard her shouting and abusing the staff there. Everyone there was looking at her in amusement. For some she was crazy whereas for some she was the most honest person alive. She was continuously cursing and murmuring bad words for the people there about guiding incorrectly and taking bribes. Like most of the people I decided to ignore her but after several minutes I noticed that she was standing near me and continuously looking at me. She came to me and asked if she was wrong? I had no words and so I decided to give her a confusing smile. I was unsure and kind of afraid as well that my act may not increase her temper but this was when she started telling me her story.

The lady of 60-70 of age who was raising her daughter’s children because their parents were deceased. She was earning Rs. 15,000/- monthly from which she was paying for all her utilities, shelter, food and fee of the children. She told me that I’ve been visiting this office for a week now and have even visited the head office but the staff is so irresponsible that the issue is still unresolved. I saw tears in her eyes when she was explaining her condition to me but she was too strong to let them flow.

When I saw around, I noticed that everyone was looking at us and some of the guys were even making fun of her. Unable to resist I continued talking to her and asked her that what the issue really was and why was she there. She told me that her CNIC was expired and she applied for a new one few months back. She followed the whole process and everything but in the new one NADRA have mistakenly wrote her father-in-law’s name in place of her husband’s and that they are not even trying to rectify their mistake.  She had visited the main office as well as the area’s branch. The main office told her to contact the area’s branch and vice versa. I asked her about her recent visit about which she told me that they’re asking her to go to the main office again and as the day is already gone now she’ll visit that tomorrow.

The worst realization I had from this experience is that this is just a single case I’ve encountered. I’m sure there are loads of many. Firstly, no senior citizen deserves to struggle this much at this part of their life. Secondly, if the Government can’t help them to solve their issues then at least they should try not to increase those for them.
I don’t know her name or anything but I totally know that she’ll be visiting NADRA again tomorrow and I’m totally unsure how many times more.
These organizations are established to ease the citizens but they mostly end up making inconveniences instead. I am not blaming every organization here because many of them are actually really good at their customer support. I am blaming the ones which are a way of embarrassment to our country. I myself returned from the office after I found out that the ladies in the queue were standing there since morning so there was no hope for me as well..

Hoping for a better Pakistan.


One thought on “Hope

  1. Glad to see that someone is highlighting these issues in blogs but there’s no hope for the betterment of these institutes.
    Lack of humanity and humbleness in the staff can never lead to betterment furthermore culture of bribes everywhere has destroyed the credibility of these institutes
    And improper management makes it difficult to deal with people
    Feeling sad for that old lady.


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