Memories Are Powerful

Life can be described as an assembled form all the memories we make during our existence.  Some we want to keep with ourselves forever whereas some we’ll give everything to forget. Some that brings a smile to our faces and some that results in uncontrollable tears from our eyes. It won’t be wrong to declare our present is a compiled version of our past.

Memories are considered  to have one of the most powerful influence over an individual’s personality. Our nature, perception and attitude largely depends upon the memories we have. I believe that the memories of our childhood are mainly a resemblance to our inner self. Things we go through during our childhood are the ones that always stays with us. With time we may forget the worst memories of our adulthood but the ones which destroyed our life as a child never actually goes away. They may not hurt us physically but they crushes our minds without even expressing the impact.

Parents are the ones who are considered responsible for a person’s life until they enters adult-hood. No parent wants their child to suffer from any kind of harm. Determined to secure them from physical pain, many of us often fails to understand some common mental issues that a child may face. A belief that a child doesn’t know anything has been in our society for as long as I can remember which is definitely false on so many levels. Even if a child lacks the knowledge but their instincts are strong to understand everything they are going through. From any wrong doing to each lie they hear is noticed by them even if they fail to remember them as they grow up. Not knowing doesn’t mean that they won’t ever understand it, sooner or later they’ll understand their childhood and suffer accordingly. Bad memories even if interpreted after a long time still possess the ability to cause pain with the same strength as they would have caused initially.

There is no way to amend the damage already done. Memories or you can say the past is uncontrollable but we can always control our present which will become past sooner or later. We still have the ability to make our present beautiful to make our future beautiful which might help in reducing our childhood issues. As a parent, we must focus the same to our child’s mental health as we focus on their physical health. The minds are sensitive then and must be protected from any kind of harm. It is not easy but it actually is very important. We may not save ourselves but we can always save our future generations to build a better lifestyle.


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