Expectations From Life

What are your expectations from life?”, a question was raised in a governing voice by a well-known speaker. It was a professional behavioral workshop including more than 100 people. She looked at him in distaste while thinking that why was he interested in a question whose answers he won’t even remember by the next hour but not that she could say that out loud. Being an introvert, sharing things about herself never excited her but she knew that this excuse won’t work for her in a behavioral workshop. Extra attention was the last thing she was looking for anyway.

 She thought of the answer of the question raised by the annoying speaker but her mind was blank. Responses from her fellows started rolling in while she couldn’t come up with a single thing. There were cries about wanting to be a millionaire to laugh related to having large number of kids, each one of them came up with a different and interesting goal but none of which were the same as hers.
She started evaluating her life from scratch. She thought about the decisions she had made throughout her life to find an answer but not even a single one reflected anything she wanted for herself. From her parents’ happiness to the best for everyone, every decision was a result of her nature’s influence. She wanted everyone to be happy because she knew that the pain is not tolerable by everyone.
She thought about her mom’s eyes full with delight when she showed her the trophy of winning the first prize in school championship. Even though winning it failed to satisfy her own heart but her mother’s bragging about her beloved daughter filled her heart with inexpressible feelings of happiness. She thought of the school’s guard, an old man, who blessed her whenever she passed by, the joy she felt of bringing that smile on the old man’s face made her feel better about herself. She thought about various more events which she wanted to stay forever in her life. She wanted those to stay in her future but none of each one of those were directly related to her.

Goals declared by others failed to amuse her but the thought of those moments amused her the way she wanted to be in future as well. Achieving high, earning a lot or owning villas, none were her expectations. All she had ever craved for were people she cares for to be happy. She thought about the relationship that their smiles had with her happiness and understood the goal of her life at once.
I want to be happy by keeping everyone happy”, she answered with confidence in her voice. Various sounds of laugh raised from last benches but the annoying speaker starting looking at her with amusement. She felt ashamed and cursed herself in mind for not keeping her mouth shut. But there was a sudden change of scenario exactly when that not so annoying speaker said with a smile on his face, “At least someone in this batch knows the right thing to expect from life”.




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