Suggestion to ignore after your break up


There are people who are single, some are in relationships, for some the relationship is not working fine so they are in complication whereas some did give love a chance but thing didn’t work out really well. Singles are considered as the best advisors in this world and the ones who’ve just came out of a relationship are considered to be needed to foster.

Loves, breakups, fights are the most common discussions being held in every adult gathering. How is your girl? to why you people broke up? are the questions that you can’t avoid. What I’ve come across after being part of many of such gatherings is that if a person breaks up with their loved one they usually receive the centralized attention and every friend becomes concern about the time they’d be facing. Advice, suggestions, tips all flows in to aid that person. Some of them are useful whereas some are lame as hell. After listening to many of these post-break up condolences, I’ve come up with a list of the most crazy ones which is as follows,

1: You guys were perfect. Why don’t you give it another shot?

Image result for relationship compromise


There’ll be people making you think over your decision just because they are unable to accept your decision. DON’T LISTEN TO THEM.

2: Desperation and suicidal threats. Image result for veins cut

You may get desperate by your break up because you love the other half but listening to your best friend when they tell you to get them back by giving them insane threats is something you don’t ever should do.

3: Keep yourself busy.

Image result for time moves


OH NO! Just because someone is busy doesn’t mean they don’t feel the sadness and pain which they are supposed to feel. Staying busy is only a way of distraction and not a way of moving on.

4:With time you’ll forget everything.

Image result for happy guy


Yeah right, like you’ll get Alzheimer one day. Memories may fade but feelings don’t. the only way to deal with it is accepting it and taking it along. Stop depending on time or your memories.



5: Go out with someone else that would help to ease the pain.Image result for date g

My personal favourite 😀 People suggests in order to retain your happiness destroy someone else’s. Why breaking someone else’s heart when yours is not even mended. That is USING the someone for your benefit.

6: You deserve better.Image result for party

Who cares? Even if he/she was not good enough still you are talking about the person I loved. People are good at blaming others anyway so what can be better than blaming the other one.

7: Everything happens for the best.

Image result for kim kardashian meme

And when people fail to express their concern, what can be better than these magical lines.




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