Awareness of feelings often haunts people because expressing them are assumed to be a sign of desperation. He belonged to a society where masculinity referred to dominance, indifference and being hot shot and it would be a shame to express his fear of petty emotions. He was afraid but he was not allowed to express it. He was scared of those nights in which he would wake up during the quietest hours with tears in his eyes and fear in his heart. His heart would tell him to exclaim but his instincts had too pride to let him consult anyone. He opted to be a man that society wanted him to be instead of dealing with the obstacles that may, eventually, cause him to lose himself. Consulting was not an option for him because that would disgrace his so-called manhood. Instead of solving the problems he was facing he opted to accept them as destiny irrespective of the by-products it may tag along.

He was not at fault because his mind was crafted by the society. The society made him suffer even though it was assumed to be promoting male dominance. He needed to get rid of the intuition of temporary disgrace and seek what he deserves but he was raised to be good enough for dealing with all the problems on his own. It was not only the society but his parent’s fault too who were not able to break-free of the cultural stereotypes that were being followed for generations. He needed to know that males were not inhuman, they deserved to feel instead of being ignorant. He needed to understand that it was ignorance that make people weak and not the awareness. He needed to believe that feelings makes a person powerful even if others thinks of him as weak because not every person is capable of accepting them and face the consequences attached.


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